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Our robots are very suitable for automatic loading & unloading processes of machining centers, injection molding machines, pipe bending machines and die casting machines, when any employer is seeking lower labor costs and higher product quality.

High quality is all the way accepted as the essential for survival of the corporation. SHAMANA and its PARTNERS sticks to scientific R&D, reliable testing, standard purchasing management and rigid quality control, in order that the company is always running at high efficiency and at lowest cost. Severe quality controls have been arranged in every operational process from product design to purchasing of materials, production, testing, delivery and after-sale service. We insist on the concept "Customer Oriented" and it is continuously introducing the most competitive solutions by continuous improvements, such that all the users are provided with high quality products in accordance with all relevant national and international standards. Our solutions have been certified by ISO 9001 and CE and awarded the certificates.


1. ProNet Series AC Servo System ►

■  Various models, wide power range : 50W~22kW
■  Multiple feedback options : 17bits / 20bits serials encoder, resolver
■  Power supply: single phase/three phase 100VAC, single phase/three phase 200VAC, three phase 400VAC
■  Various communication options: Modbus, CANopen, EtherCAT, POWERLINK, PROFIBUS
■  Frequency response 1.6kHz
■  Current feed-forward and acceleration feed-forward function
■  Online real time load inertia inspecting and auto-tuning function
■  Common DC Bus
■  Low frequency vibration suppression function
■  High performance under low rigid environment
■  Dynamic electronic gear ratio switching function
■  Homing function available under position control mode
■  UL certifi ed and CE certified.

Typical Application ►

■ Machine tools (Metal forming, CNC router, Laser cutting, Water jet, Wood processing)

■ Textile machine (Warping machine, Warp knitting machine, Rapier loom, Air jet, Water jet machine, Quilter machine, Dyeing machine)
■ Packing machine (Vertical packing machine, Pillow packing machine, Sealing packing machine, Liquid packing machine)
■ Printing machine (Photogravure press, Lithographic press, Relief printing machine)
■ Electronics manufacturing equipment (Sorting machine, Chip mounter, Winding machine, Die-cutting machine, Lithium battery production line)
■ Industrial robot, manipulator
■ Hybrid, Die-casting machine, Injection molding machine, Plastic extruding machine.

■ Various voltage input: 100V, 200V, 400V
■ Power supply: 50W~22kW
■ 17 /20 bit Serial encoder / Resolver
■ Standard: CANopen
Options: EtherCAT
■ Used in high precision automation, high speed bus communication

Servo Drive Specification ►

2. EHD Series Servo Drive ►

EHD series servo drivers are of the power range from 2kW to 340kW, which are adaptable for all EMB, EMT and EMT2 series servo motors.

3. EDS Series Servo Drives ►

■ Two-axis Control

Using a drive driving two-axes motor at the same time, EDS servo drives make full use of the processing chip resources,and greatly reduce the installation space. Compared with two sets of single axis servo drive unit, it is highly cost-effective.Particularly in the requirements of two-axes synchronization,EDS servo drives can achieve better performance than two sets of single axis servo drive unit.

■ High Performance

Using the industrial grade intelligent power modules and the most updated high speed DSP, EDS servo drives assure 3 times overload capacity and the control requirements of the high speed, high precision. Using floating point arithmetic method,EDS servo drives assure high precision complex algorithm.With the application of auto disturbance rejection control and speed observation algorithm, combined with current and acceleration feed forward control, instruction smoothing and inertia identification technique, EDS servo drives have better dynamic features, st abilities and resistance to load disturbance, and realize high response,high precision, high speed and high reliability in deed.

■ Communication Interface

Based on Modbus protocols of RS232 interfaces, the host can be connected up to 32 servos for network control. Besides, the host can also communicate with PLC, DCS, intelligent instruments, touch screens, etc., and the centralized monitoring is implemented.


■ Single Axis Positioning Function

The 16-node single axis positioning function is built inside EDS servo drives, and a touch screen can be connected directly to the RS-232 interface on the servo drives, thus the costs go down since an intermediate PLC unit is eliminated. With the touch screen, user may program easily every node’s position, speed, acceleration and deceleration time, latency time,start point and stop point, moreover, the above info can be transmitted to the servo drive via RS-232 interface. User may select to program absolute values or incremental values and select cycle run or not. User may also use reference point search function and program the go and back speed for reference point search and in addition, it’s also available to use external signals for step changes. Actually users may develop own application programs to meet different demands on different occasions.