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Belt and Road

China’s Belt and Road Initiative will help expand trade corridors – both physically and digitally and will make it easier for large multinationals as well as SMEs and young entrepreneurs to reach new consumers and markets.

The Belt and Road Initiative is vast encompassing countries that account for

of the Global GDP !

China’s Belt and Road Initiative is creating enormous business opportunities throughout Asia, Africa and Europe. Covering two trade routes, the overall objective is to increase regional trade and encourage economic cooperation.

We Know The Way !

With our unrivalled heritage in China, global presence, leading service and business expertise, we can show you the way. We also serve small-medium enterprises all the way up to large corporates.


Reshaping The Future World Economy!

The Belt and Road Initiative is intended to improve the infrastructure of overland and maritime routes to drive trade and capital flows between the east and the west

A Growing Global Footprint

While corporations across the globe compete for a slice of China's consumer spending, home-grown enterprises from Shanghai to Shenyang are now looking beyond their domestic market, ushering in a new chapter that will spread China’s economic influence globally.

Shenzhen Lead Innovation in China

Shenzhen-based companies have the highest average scores for innovative power Pearl River Delta, Shanghai and Beijing are top Chinese bases for innovative companies Coastal regions lead in innovation but some industrial, inland provinces gaining ground.

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Many countries along the Belt and Road routes lack the funds and the expertise to execute the projects involved, creating huge opportunities for international businesses from financial services to construction, supply chain management to professional services.


Quotable quotes on Belt and Road from world intellectual, business personnel:

"The Belt and Road Initiative will continue to grow and become a true world land bridge. It not only brings economic prosperity to all participating countries, but also serves as a true basis for a peace order for the 21st century."


Joseph Matthews, director of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Education Center

"Without peace, economic development of any region or country is impossible. The Belt and Road Initiative is the beginning of a new era of development in the region, and in the future this road will be known as the Peace Road."


Marc Uzan, executive director of the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee

"The "One Belt, One Road" initiative can be seen as a reversal of the course of history with a Chinese power that is not only interested in its own development, but which asks what it can do for the rest of the world."



Ahmed Sallam, an expert in Chinese affairs and former Egyptian diplomat

The Belt and Road Initiative is expected to bridge the 'infrastructure gap' and thus accelerate economic growth across the Asia Pacific area and Central and Eastern Europe: World Pensions Council (WPC) experts estimate that Asia excluding China will need up to $900 billion of infrastructure investments per year during the next 10 years, mostly in debt instruments.

An independent international organization encouraging commercial, political and cultural cooperation between the BRICS nations, was formed in 2011.


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